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Different Types of Mold

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Garden City/Hempstead we specialize in mold remediation. We have encountered several types of mold throughout the years as well as various levels of severity. In an earlier blog we discussed how you may be able to identify mold in your home. Here we would like to go one step further and break down the different types of mold that you may see in your home or business.


This mold should be easy to recognize as it is usually green, fuzzy, and produces a musty odor. It’s most commonly found on wallpaper, fabric, or carpets containing moisture. 


This mold is usually black and fuzzy growing in very damp areas of your home. While it is a plant mold, it can easily gain access to your home. More specifically, areas around window frames, underneath sinks, or near showers is where you will find this mold.


This mold is unique in that it has a surface appearance of a lighter yellow-green color, but a dark red or brown appearance underneath. You will find Aspergillus lingering in areas of extreme dampness or near areas containing a great deal of dust.


This mold will be easy to spot as it is generally a dark olive green color that can even turn black. While its most commonly found outdoors it can be picked up and carried indoors quite easily. Wood or textiles are where you will see Cladosporium as it is known to grow on porous surfaces. 


Last but not least, we have the very easy to identify black mold. While the color can vary slightly it will almost always appear black. The odor is very distinctive and musty. It can appear wet or dry and almost powdery depending on the water source from which it grew. 

If you suspect that you have mold in your home do not hesitate to call us 24/7!

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